Overcome the Overwhelm and Rock the Holidays 

You don't have to do this alone!

Rock the Holidays this Season!

Ditch the overwhelm and stress from all the holiday shuffle and use my calming tools to keep you whistling while you work the whole season long.  

Overcome the Overwhelm & Rock the Holidays!

I get it! The holidays are stressful for all of us and it's coming on quickly. 

Being a Mom, I understand how quickly you can go into stress, overwhelm, and worry that you won't get everything done. 

Learning to work with who you are and what works best for you is essential to "getting it all done". Putting some self-care tools to use can help you feel better immediately. These steps are easy, quick, and just what you need to reset yourself to feel like you can handle it all with calm and ease.  

I'll give you my Holiday Hacks to keep you Zen thru the holidays. Here's what's included:

Medi's to Calm

Included are 2 of my favorite meditations, including my favorite trick to literally reset your brain into being relaxed & calm in less than a minute. 

Gratitude Practice

I give you my secret morning practice to set my day up for bliss.

Freedom From Time Scheduler

Since I know you have stuff to get done, here's how to do it!

I'll also add in some bonuses just to keep you on point:

  •  1 printable mediation to keep with you in your bag
  •  Email support for any questions you may have.  
  •  My top 5 Mantras from my Mighty Mantras of Bliss series

Live with Passion∙ Purpose ∙Play

About the Author

Michelle Goodman, M.Ac. and certified Masters of Wisdom Meditation teacher has been coaching and supporting women to live their life from a space of empowerment so they can redesign a life they are ready to live, on their terms, with purpose, passion, and play!

On her days off you'll find her lovin' on her 3 kids, cup of coffee in hand, and one of her many pairs of slippers keeping her feet warm. 

Rock Your Holidays this Season!