#BlissBombs Challenge

Want to spread some Bliss & Happiness on Instagram? Let's generate more fun and high-vibes in your life!

5 Days of #BlissBombs to spread around as you like!

This is a quick challenge to get you feeling good and doing good!!!!!!! For each day of the challenge you will get:

♥︎5 days of inspiration delivered right to your in-box with a new challenge each day.

♥︎5 days of motivation to stretch your kindness for others.

♥︎5 days of using social media to spread some good.

♥︎5 days of inspired action you can do in less than 5 min. a day to give you a burst of happiness & fun!

I'm Michelle Goodman and I help women get right with their heart & aligned with their soul, so they can take inspired action to impact their world! Thru knowing your Purpose, living with Passion, and igniting Play you can create that impact for the next generation!


Everyone who completes all 5 days of the challenge (shown by your IG shares) will be entered to win a handmade bracelet from @innerpeacefinds and a personal journal just for you!!


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