"Alchemize Your Life"

Are you ready to grow your community of supportive women and connect to yourself in a whole new way? 

Here's how the course works:


Join the Facebook Group Align & Empower 

You will access all your Masterclasses here. Once you've joined the group, you will receive the dates to all the modules and be able to meet the other women in the group.


Show up to the calls Live!

 Each module will be taught in a LIVE setting so you are right there to ask any questions you may have. 

*don't worry replays will be available for 6 months. 


Fill out your Playbook

Upon joining the group, you will receive a Playbook that gives me a little more insight into your needs & desires. You will be seen & heard!

What’s covered in the course?

Goddess female

Goddess Warrior

Learn to recognize the Divine Feminine & Masculine in yourself, how to create balance between the two and how that strength will set you up in all areas of your life. You'll learn emotional intelligence tools to express in your relationships.  

Female entrepreneur

Boss Lady VIP

Be the Leader in your business so that you can show up for your clients in a powerful way. Get control of your time and live the vision & mission for your business. 

Rock Star Mamma

Be the best Mom to your kids as you become more present to them. Learn deep listening skills that will open your relationship to your kids in a whole new way. 

Wealth Attractor

What is your money blueprint? Learn how this is affecting every aspect of your life and how to become more conscious in your relationship with money. 

Ready to get Aligned & Empower Yourself?

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